Postgame Report: Eagles vs. Seahawks

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By Evan Krawczuk, Contributing Writer

Wentz goes down. Thats the kill shot. The whole season this roster has gotten beaten down and beaten down again. Of course, this team scratches and claws to a playoff spot and the injury bug gets them again. At the half, the Eagles were down 10-3, and they were lifeless the entire game. Here’s what I saw in the back half of action:

Offensive MVP: Jake Elliott

Jake Elliott was the only source of offense for the Eagles. With Wentz going down there was almost no hope. Yeah, McCown can do some things and is a great teammate but our offense ran into a brick wall when Wentz went out. Elliot was 3/3 on his field goal attempts with a long of 46. It hurts to write about the kicker being the Offensive MVP but when the offense couldn’t do anything, it is what it is. The hope for the offense next year is for the offense to come back healthy next year and be able to stay healthy. We know the defense can play, scoring has been a huge issue all year and our Achilles heel got the Eagles again today. 

Defensive MVP: Malcolm Jenkins

Jenkins was spying Russell Wilson for the entirety of the game. Yes, Wilson got loose a few times but that’s going to happen, Wilson is an elite scrambler and is in the MVP conversation. Jenkins did do a solid job of keeping Wilson from completely demolishing our defense. Although Jenkins being a spy opened the middle of our defense, the passes given up there would be nothing compared to what Wilson would’ve done without a spy. Jenkins lead the team in tackles with nine including seven of them being solo. Like I said, Jenkins kept his eyes on Wilson all game, therefore, Jenkins finished with a sack and three QB hits. A solid day for Jenkins on a day when the offense got nothing going. 


Breakout Stars

  • Josh McCown- McCown Came in for Wentz and he didn’t necessarily lose the game for us but he didn’t do anything spectacular to help the Eagles win. McCown did as a 40 year old back up would do and he kept the Eagles in the game. 
  • Nathan Gerry- Gerry had seven tackles today including three for a loss. The Seahawks didn’t make it a secret when they wanted to run the ball and Gerry took advantage of his opportunities. 

Highlight Reel

  • Jake Elliot Went 3/3 on his field goal attempts tonight.
  • Sanders caught a pass from McCown as he was scrambling. Sanders makes the catch and almost moon walks and gets popped forward for a first down.
  • Not a lot of explosive plays for an offense that didn’t score a touchdown and defense that didn’t force any turnovers


Seattle Seahawks at Philadelphia Eagles – January 5, 2020

Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Philadelphia 0 3 6 0
Seattle 3 7 7 0

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