Postgame Report: Eagles vs. Seahawks

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By Evan Krawczuk, Contributing Writer

MISERABLE. This team is absolutely miserable. I understand we had injuries. So what? We just roll over and die? Carson Wentz certainly didn’t want to win (he had four turnovers). Andre Dillard looked like he’s never put on a helmet and shoulder pads before. The defensive backs need to go to a pee-wee practice and re-learn how to tackle because RASHAD PENNY ran all over this team. RASHAD PENNY.  At the half, the Eagles were down 10-3, and they played hot potato with the pigskin for the rest of the game. Here’s what I saw in the back half of this embarrassing performance:

Offensive MVP: HAHA No One

FIVE FUMBLES? FIVE!! How could a professional football team fumble FIVE times? Absolutely absurd. It has been the fundamentals by the skill guys that have killed the Eagles all season. It’s like the offense is allergic to the football. They don’t want to catch it. They don’t want to hold onto it once they do have possession. News flash, you can’t score if you don’t have the ball! Now we move to what seemed to be the source of some of them fumbles. Andre Dillard. Mr. Dillard you are blessed Jadeveon Clowney was inactive today. Clowney would have EMBARRASSED you. I don’t want to hear all the “its like writing with your opposite hand” hooplah. Be an athlete. Be a football player. Big V has played almost every position on the offensive line and he has never been as woeful as Dillard was today. Let’s watch Dillard get man-handled and be the reason for Wentz’s first fumble.

Defensive MVP: Jim Schwartz

Although I am irate that the secondary can’t tackle, Schwartz came through with a solid game plan to keep Russell Wilson somewhat contained. Wilson can be an absolute game wrecker with his escapability and elusiveness but Wilson didn’t kill the defense with his legs. Not too many big plays, and a solid amount of QB pressures (10) and sacks (six) including two from Malcolm Jenkins. Yes, Rashad Penny killed the defense but he is not someone a defense would spend too much time on. Penny rushed for 129 yards and I personally credit most of those off missed tackles by the secondary. 

Breakout Stars

  • Greg Ward Jr. – Ward, the Practice squad quarterback all season, came in and played a solid game today with six receptions and 40 yards. Ward seemed like a pretty reliable receiver today and was a very tiny bright spot for the offense today. 
  • Malcolm Jenkins- Jenkins was pretty muted locked in as a Russell Wilson spy all day. He did a pretty darn good job with it, too. He finished with six tackles and two sacks and was huge in containing Wilson all day. 

Highlight Reel

  • Zach Ertz became the 2nd fastest tight end to reach 500 career receptions. He accomplished this feat in 102 games. Congratulations to Zach!
  • Rodney McLeod picked off a pass off of a tipped ball by Ronald Darby and, honestly, it looked like the Eagles best chance to score all day. 


  • Brandon Graham and Malcolm Jenkins had a party in the backfield today and met at Russell Wilson for a few sacks. One of them came on a huge third down that changed momentum.  

Philadelphia Eagles vs Seattle Seahawks – November 24, 2019

Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Seattle 7 3 0 7
Philadelphia 3 0 0 6


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