Postgame Report: Patriots at Eagles

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By Evan Krawczuk, Contributing Writer

The Eagles needed a win to keep up in the division after the Lions failed to come back for a win over the Cowboys.

At 5-4, the Eagles have lost to some teams that are not so great and won against some that are great. They entered this game hoping that they could add to the ladder.

Instead, the offense went out there and was flat out embarrassing. The Dolphins would be embarrassed to play like this and, frankly, there should be guys returning money and retiring – they should feel that awful about that “performance”.

Second Half Offensive MVP

Zach Ertz.

Ertz was about the only player on the field that didn’t commit some sort of error to cost the Eagles, so he wins by default. He also managed 37 yards, more than the entire offense managed in the third quarter.

Second Half Defensive MVP

Ronald Darby.

Darby made quite a few pass breakups in the second half of this game and was solid in both coverage and against the run. Had he played like that to start the season, the Eagles probably have a better record than they do now.

Breakout Stars

  • No one. Did anyone do anything beyond what we expected from them? Not really.

Highlight Reel

  • Boston Scott drawing a deep defensive pass interference call to start the game got the Eagles on the board and some confidence.
  • Jason Peters garnering penalties of his own stalled the Eagles first two defensive drives.
  • The Wentz fumble toward the end of the second-half was a killer for the Eagles, who were looking to enter halftime with a larger lead.
  • The referees made a call and then changed their mind so that the Eagles forced fumble and recovery that would have put the Eagles in field goal range to start was unchallengeable. Referees helping the Patriots keep the momentum? Unheard of.
  • Agholor made a grab that seemed to give the Eagles all the momentum for a game-tying drive.
  • Unfortunately, that grab was followed by Carson Wentz heaving two balls nowhere near a wide open Ertz and not even looking at Sanders, his most explosive receiver.

Philadelphia Eagles vs New England Patriots – November 17, 2019

Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
New England 0 9 8 0
Philadelphia 3 7 0 0

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