Preview: The Wild Card Round

By Gia Lanci, Sports Talk Philly Staff

The Eagles will play a playoff game against the Chicago Bears in the first round of playoffs. The Eagles are coming off a win against the Redskins that gave the Eagles a wild card spot in the playoffs. Not only was a win against the Redskins a factor to get into the playoffs, but it also took the Chicago Bears to beat the Minnesota Vikings. The Eagles will have to face one of the toughest defenses in the NFL and arguably the toughest one they have faced this year. However, they are playing well right now, and they have to keep it up to move onto the next round of the playoffs. Of course, they are not projected to win this game. As the players say: hungry dogs run faster.


The Eagles were underdogs last season going into every game in the playoffs and with many of the recent games. They have improved each game thus far. They also won every game they needed to, which is why they are in the position they are in now. The connection between this team is good. They are a brotherhood, and they have chemistry. The play calling is everything. Using an array of different players on offense has worked for them. All of their strong suits work together and collaborate into a well oiled machine. If they continue playing the way they have been and step up a bit more, they have a chance.

A Challenge For the Offense

The offense will be challenged against the Bears defense. The Bears defense is the third best in the NFL right now. They are going to be aiming for Nick Foles, so it is crucial that he is protected, especially because of his rib injury. The Bears have 50 sacks this season. They also have the most interceptions in the NFL with 27. Those are scary statistics for an offense going into a playoff game. They need to play smart and protect Foles.

An Inexperienced Team In The Playoffs

Mitchell Trubisky is a young quarterback who will play his first playoff game on Sunday. He threw 24 touchdowns this season and 12 interceptions. This is something that needs to be taken advantage of by the Eagles defense. Not only has he never been to the playoffs before, but the team has not since 2011. The head coach does not have much experience since this is his first year.

Good Match-up

The Eagles and the Bears are a good match-up in the playoffs. The offenses are similar in the weapons that they have, especially since Trey Burton played on the Eagles last season. They use the tight end in a similar way. The Bears offense has a good run game. They are quick and it will be a good challenge for the defense to stop them. The Eagles offense has a lot of weapons, but will probably be stopped quickly by the Bears defense. The Eagles will most likely have trouble putting points on the board. It is really up to the defense to stop the Bears offense.

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