Rain Delay. A Lidge 7 Pitch Inning. Meltdown Loss.

Posted by Christina Angelos


After 2 hours and 22 minutes of waiting for Phillies baseball. Or watching the 1993 Phillies team with Harry Kalas (such a lovely rain delay show, they even cut it out where you know the rest). 

In a short recap, Roy Oswalt was suppose to be the starter. Apparently, it's the shortest outing of Oswalt's career as the press box announced earlier in the game. 0 IP (He was official pitcher on scoring card). Maybe this tweet will help a little?


Phillies were leading 4-2 in the bottom of the 9th after Kendrick pitched amazing well for a late notice starter while, Lidge/Bastardo were well unhittable.

Former Phillie, Jayson Werth had to wait out for a few months for his best at bat all year. He started a rally with 11 pitch-at-bat, then a bloop single, then whatever else happened against Madson meltdown. This is the one you want to hear the most: National’s third baseman is no stranger to hitting walk off homeruns against the Phillies. Last season, anyone? This is the 2nd blown save by Ryan Madson. This is the only 4th blown save by the Phillies staff (we should say 3, because one of those blown saves was by Baez).  Yes, Lidge was very creative in blowing saves, but I do not remember a walk off grand-slam blown save. Thank you Scott Boras. Maybe he will be cheaper? 

And then Nationals celebrated like they won the World Series. It's Baseball! The End. Roy Oswalt is the starter once again… See you later tonight at 705pm. 

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