Shane Victorino Billboard Thanks Philadelphia “For 8 Amazing Years!”


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Remember when David Akers left a huge billboard for all of Philadelphia to see when he moved on and signed a deal with the San Francisco 49ers?

Well Shane Victorino has followed him in that way. Along with renting out a space in the Philadelphia Daily News, the former-Phillie now Dodger Shane Victorino has rented out a billboard thanking all of the Phillies fans for their support through his tenure here in red pinstripes. 

"MAHALO PHILADELPHIA. Thanks for 8 amazing years!" reads the billboard, which is signed from "Shane Victorino & Family."

The billboard is that of an electronic billboard that has a rotating set. It is visible to westbound travelers on the Pennsylvania Turnpike just west of Exit 343, near Willow Grove.

The billboard, however, was not Victorino's idea. 

The tribute to fans was suggested by Drew Katz, the billboard company's CEO, who explained that the two became friends through Victorino's involvement with the Nicetown Boys & Girls Club.

"I put it up there because he's such a good guy, and does so many wonderful things with his foundation," said Katz.

Victorino's people came up with the message and the design, Katz said.

Victorino sure had a lot of great memories here in Philly. In eight seasons as a Phillie, Victorino hit for a .279 average, 88 home runs, 390 RBI and stole 179 bags. A World Series ring, a couple All-Star games and three Gold Gloves rank among Victorino's accomplishments. It's good to see him as a happy person with a new team. In seven games with the Dodgers, Victorino is hitting .267 (8-for-30) with zero home runs, one RBI while only stealing three bases. Victorino has struck out twice as a member of the Dodgers.

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