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Posted by: Erik Seybold

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As we all know, Cole Hamels is a free agent at the end of the season. After signing a one-year, $15 million contract extension in January, the big task for the Phillies is to keep Hamels for as long as they can. This afternoon, Hamels had a press conference live from Clearwater where he discussed the upcoming season and his future. Here are a couple of quotes from the 28 year-old lefty. 

"I'm really just focused on getting out there having a good year and getting to the World Series and win it," - when asked about his future as a Phillie and any possible future contract.

All Hamels wants to do is win, win, and win. Not a bad philosophy.

"I don't have a deadline, no. The only deadline I know about is set by Major League Baseball. That's after the World Series." – when asked if he had a deadline for any contract negotiations.

Okay, this is a good thing. At least we all know that Hamels is not going to be immature like Albert Pujols. 

"Philadelphia has become that big market city where everybody wants to play" – talking about how he has seen Philadelphia grow since he's been here.

He's damn right.

"To be here in the Phillies organization, you know you have the best shot and that's a huge motivator." – talking about being in the position the Phillies are in.

It actually is a motivator to know that every year you have a great team that can make it to the World Series. It would suck to be a New York Met and know that you are just wasting six months out of your life to lose.

"All I want to do is win, that's my priority, and the Phillies are a team that will put me in that position to that." – talking more on his desire to win.

He's right. The Phillies are one of the premiere clubs in baseball at this moment and the best chance to win is right now. 

Hamels also stated that he will just play ball and let his agent and the Phillies do all the rest. We all know he's not being completely honest there. He's going to want to know how long and how much his contract will be. Hopefully the Phillies can get the job done with Hamels' agent before the end of the season. 

Maybe if that proposed TV deal pulls through, the Phils will have a couple extra bucks to spend on Hamels.

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