Thursday’s Minor League Roster Predictions

There are new workout groups in Clearwater. There are also new cuts. Eric Pettis was a surprise cut, but Matt Way was not.

Hog Blog, as usual, had a great post today. It really shed light on a lot of stuff, including Chin-Hung Lu failing his physical, and the battle for back up catching jobs. Good stuff.

Today, we're going to do this a little different. We're adding Clearwater to the mix. Hopefully we'll have a Lakewood prediction by the weekend. Here we go:

Lehigh Valley:

  • Line-Up: Podsednik-RF, Thompson-CF, Brown-LF, Frandsen-SS, Overbeck-1B/DH, Kratz-C, Rizzotti-1B/DH, Luna-3B, Thurston-2B
  • Rotation: Hyatt, Elarton, Misch, Bush, Bump
  • Bench: Gosewisch, Montanez, Clevlen, Hulett
  • Bullpen: Schwimer, Aumont, Diekman, Horst, Valdes, Purcey, Sanches
  • DL: De Fratus
  • Line-Up: Gillies-CF, James-RF, Valle-C, Spidale-RF, Ruf-1B, Kennelly-3B, Mitchell-DH, Hanzawa-SS, Hernandez-2B
  • Rotation: Cloyd, May, Rodriguez, Pettibone, Buchanan
  • Bench: Abreu, Suomi, Tripp, Susdorf
  • Bullpen: Friend, Ramirez, Rosenberg, Cisco, Brummett, Chapman, Gailey
  • Position Players: Rupp-C, Murphy-1B, Cartwright-2B, Duran-SS, Alonso-3B, Alvarez-OF, Lavin-OF, Collier-OF, Hewitt-DH
  • Rotation: Colvin, Biddle, Claypool, Bonilla, Garner
  • Bench: LeRud, Asche, Barnes, Myers
  • Bullpen: Neris, Sosa, Shreve, Kissock, Whatcott, Hollands, Worthington
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