Uh Oh! Howie Roseman is Reportedly Infatuated with a Senior Bowl Quarterback

As has been the case for the past two decades, Philadelphia Eagles leadership, in this case  Jeffery Lurie, Howie Roseman, analytics guy/future boss Julian Lurie, and Nick Sirianni, have been huddled in beautiful Mobile, Alabama scouting the future of the NFL at the Reese's Senior Bowl practice. Unlike past Senior Bowl weeks, this week has been ho-hum for the Birds’ with not a whole lot of news emanating from the “Azalea City.”  

Until today that is.  

Reports are surfacing that Roseman has once again become infatuated with a Senior Bowl quarterback.  The “Keeper of the (Broom) Closet” has affixed his gaze on Liberty University  quarterback Malik Willis.  

Willis, a two-time bowl game MVP, will quarterback the American team on Saturday afternoon and is one of the top three quarterbacks of this draft class. Originally an Auburn Tiger, Willis has had a tremendous week in Alabama and might have positioned himself as the top guy in the class. 

At 6’1, 220-lbs, Willis can certainly throw the rock and also has tremendous escape ability. If there was ever going to be a quarterback that the Eagles were going to fall in love with it was always Willis. 

Buckle up! The offseason might just get funner (RIP Doc).


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