Updated Philadelphia Eagles Playoffs Outlook


So many nay-sayers and so many people who thought that the Eagles would start some sort of super downhill slide with the loss of Wentz. I kept telling people, "Let's not forget that Foles tied the single-game touchdown passing record with seven against the Raiders a few years ago. He's still young and has solid experience leading this team to the playoffs before … this isn’t a washed-up backup."

Low and behold, Nick Foles put up four touchdowns against the Giants, virtually securing a #1 seeded berth into the playoffs (Eli wasn't so bad either, and he made McAdoo look McADumb for sitting him).

The way it's shaking out, the Eagles will get to sit and rest for a week as the Atlanta Falcons and Carolina Panthers battle it out in the Wild-Card game and the Los Angeles Rams and New Orleans Saints do battle at the #3 and #4 seeded spots. If prolate-spheroid-spidey-sense is correct, we'll see the Dirty Birds get beat up by the dynamic Cam, McCaffery, Stewart, Olsen double-tandem and the Mean Green play their first playoff game against the Carolina Panthers.

Despite tons of momentum and a very capable Nick Foles now leading the charge, this will be no easy victory.  The Panthers defense is the real deal, and like I said above, the offense after finding its top gears, is dynamic as hell.

McCaffery may be one of the best (rookie) receiving backs ever. Not only is he quick and shifty, making him super hard to cover, but he pulls guys off zone to help out which creates mismatches that can leave Olsen in one-on-one situations. The Eagles defense will be on their absolute A-game. And speaking of Defenses, Foles will have to be careful with his passes. Aaron Rodgers is the best in the business and the Panthers picked him three times in Week 15. Worley got him on the Left, Colin Jones took one from him at LB in the middles, and Bradberry snatched a long, but slightly underthrown pass on the right sideline. Granted, A-Rod's arm is still probably a little stiff and sore … possibly still a bit weak, but this Panthers 'D' will make you pay for any mistakes.

Now that I got that out of the way, I do think the Eagles will walk away with a win and move on, while the Minnesota Vikings face the Saints –most likely. Though while shaking the magic, it comes back 'cannot predict now'. The little plastic seer must be picking up on the fact that Todd Gurley, Jared Goff, and company are looking good. They absolutely destroyed the Seahawks in Seattle, which is not an easy feat. If Gurley keeps pounding the ground like he has been, the Saints defense could spring leaks like a sieve. He marched in four TDs against the Sea-Chickens and the Los Angeles Rams were playing 40-0 shutout ball until Seattle finally scored late in the game.

Personally, I would rather see a shoot-out with the Saints, as I feel like if the round one winner beats the Vikings, the better matchup of the two would be New Orleans. I feel like Payton & Brees's pass-heavy offense is more manageable than having to face the terrible two-horned attack of the LA Rams. But we won’t know what Philly faces until that time comes. Once we know the matchups, we'll have to check this Bovada review and keep updated on the betting odds, as they can be quite indicative of game outcomes.

Whoever the matchup, the Eagles are going deep … Bring it on NFC!

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