Video: Carson Wentz and the Dutch Destroyer

By: Jesse Larch, Sports Talk Philly Editor 

Today ESPN aired a video feature about Carson Wentz and a truly inspiring Eagles fan. 

Lukas Kuster was a young football player when tragedy struck him and his family. After a cancer diagnosis the aspiring football player was faced with an immense struggle, one that him and his family got through by distracting themselves with Eagles football. 

The story details how Carson Wentz's arrival in Philadelphia and potential to be a franchise-altering quarterback became a metaphor for hope in Lukas's fight. 

After Wentz sent a video message encouraging Lukas to keep battling, Lukas wished to thank the Eagles' quarterback. 

Lukas met with Wentz and Jordan Hicks at the Novacare Complex. During the meeting Lukas gave Wentz one of his "Dutch Destroyer" wristbands. "Dutch Destroyer" is a nickname that Lukas received from his football coach because of his talent on the field. 

Wentz says that he never removes the wristband, and you can see it around Wentz's wrist during every game. 

You can watch the full video below:

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