World Series Preview Round 1, Phillies Win 2-0.

It was a game that Phillies fans will be looking forward to when inter-league games begin: a Phillies-Red Sox game with the Phillies being the victorious adversary.

 Before the game this afternoon, Ruben Amaro Jr. stated that the Red Sox are “the best team in Baseball.” Alright.

Cole Hamels took the mound today at City of Palms Park, Fort Meyers, and wow, did he stun. It is quite obvious that he is competent, but we love seeing that in action. Today, Cole pitched 4 shutout innings, allowing only 1 hit and 1 walk, striking out 3.

The only runs of the game came in the second inning when third baseman Jeff Larish hit a 2-run double.

Domonic Brown got on base today. There’s your good news of the day. It wasn’t a hit, oh, no, he’s still 0-14. He walked though, and stood on first base for the first time this spring. Rejoice!

After Hamels’ outing, Scott Mathieson and Michael Stutes both pitched 2 innings (not at the same time) and both struck out 2 batters each.

The minor leaguers had a turn in the fourth inning when the usual back-ups came in, you know, Pete Orr at second base, Robb Quinlan at first, Brandon Moss in left, and Wilson Valdez in center field. Yup, the usual.

Juan Perez closed the game, striking out 1 and walking 1. Scott, Michael and Juan did not allow a single hit by the “best team in Baseball.” Phillies win 2-0. OH! Carlos Ruiz will be back tomorrow. Rejoice again!



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