Your Phillies Starting Left Fielder and Leadoff Hitter: Juan Pierre


We may have been tipped off by the last couple spring training lineups, including tonight's lineup which features Juan Pierre leading off:

  1. Pierre LF
  2. Polanco 3B
  3. Rollins SS
  4. Pence RF
  5. Victorino CF
  6. Wigginton 1B
  7. Ruiz C
  8. Galvis 2B
  9. Blanton RHP.

According to NBC10's John Clark, this just very well may be the starting lineup:


I'm not totally enthusiastic about Pierre making the roster, let alone batting leadoff.  In his spring at bats, Pierre had a high batting average, but it always seemed like Pierre could not bunt for a hit or steal a base.

Batting Rollins third gives the Phillies the ability to bat Hunter Pence or Jim Thome cleanup, depending upon who plays.  The news is not so great for John Mayberry Jr., who seemed to have the left field job all but secured going into Spring Training.  It looks as if Mayberry will have to settle for some time at first base, sharing time with Ty Wigginton.

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