NFL Offseason: Hasson Reddick Wants “To Get An Extension Done Here At Home”

NFL Offseason: Hasson Reddick Wants “To Get An Extension Done Here At Home” Eric Hartline, USA TODAY Sports

Hasson Reddick took to the media on a snowy Tuesday in Philadelphia.

The EDGE rusher also took to social media to express that he has a desire to continue playing with the Eagles and work toward an extension.

In fact, he clarified that he never requested a trade from the team.

This may surprise many given the recent news of his being granted permission to seek a trade.

In reality, it just confirms the analysis we had here on SportsTalkPhilly when that news broke: the sides are likely working on Reddick’s deal to lower his cap hit and perhaps complete an extension so the team has given Reddick’s agent permission to get valuations from other teams around the league to bring back to the team.

Of course, neither side knows what will happen.

If the Eagles hear that some team will offer premium picks for Reddick, that helps them with their salary cap and could line up some inexpensive top talent for the team moving forward. It’d allow them to extend their own guys who may be coming up on contracts like Landon Dickerson, DeVonta Smith, and Jordan Mailata.

On the other hand, Reddick’s agent may find that the market isn’t so hot for the edge rusher (much like occurred with Darius Slay last season) and the two sides are able to agree upon a deal they are both comfortable with.

The other X-Factor in this negotiation is Reddick himself. His willingness to take the “hometown discount” like players such as Brandon Graham, Fletcher Cox and Jason Kelce have done could grease the wheels to keep him in Philadelphia.

It’s also Reddick’s right to make as much money as he can make during his NFL career, so that’s not something he or any player should consider doing lightly or be pressured into doing. His agent getting him traded to a team that will pay him top dollar and perhaps be willing to overpay, if an option like that is out there, is perfectly understandable.

Fans now just have to wait to see how things play out.

Last offseason, the whole ordeal with Slay took about 10 days to resolve, but things could certainly move slower than that.

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