MLB Free Agency: Phillies Don’t Extend Qualifying Offers to Three Players, Including Rhys Hoskins

MLB Free Agency: Phillies Don’t Extend Qualifying Offers to Three Players, Including Rhys Hoskins John Geliebter, USA TODAY Sports


As expected, the Philadelphia Phillies extended a qualifying offer to RHP Aaron Nola earlier on Monday afternoon. What’s notable about the move is the Phillies’ player who did not receive a qualifying offer, 1B/DH Rhys Hoskins. Hoskins will now become a free agent and as noted by MLB insider Jon Heyman, there’s a chance he could return to the Phillies. The Phillies also didn’t offer to RHP Craig Kimbrel and RHP Michael Lorenzen, the pair will also become free agents. 


While Heyman’s line “he could go back there though” is likely just a throwaway in a tweet, there may be some smoke to the idea of Hoskins returning to Philadelphia. Phils’ superstar, and current first baseman, Bryce Harper hinted at the idea of switching back to the outfield when talking with the media during the 2023 National League Championship Series. Here was Harper’s take on Hoskins prior to the NLCS. 


“Of course, with Rhys possibly coming back, whatever determines or whatever happens with that, I expect him to go back to first base and me go to the outfield and play there in some capacity. But I don’t mind giving them the option, even if he does come back, if Rhys needs a day off, or giving them the option to put me at first base and knowing them, ‘Hey, we can put him there at any point and he’ll be fine.’”–Bryce Harper on moving back to the outfield for Rhys Hoskins


Could Harper to the outfield and Hoskins back to first base scenario play out over the next few weeks or months? Maybe, maybe not, but it could be more likely now that the organization isn’t tied to the idea of Johan Rojas beginning the season with the Big-League club. The exclusion of Rojas would mean an outfield of Nick Castellanos and Harper in the corners and Brandon Marsh in center field. Kyle Schwarber would be able to stay as the designated hitter and play the field sparingly (i.e. NEVER). 

That’s not a bad deal. 

Hoskins, as well as Kimbrel and Lorenzen, are free to sign whenever and wherever now that 2024 MLB free agency has officially begun. Keep it here for any news and notes related to the Philadelphia Phillies and the 2024 MLB Hot Stove.

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