Taking A Look At Failed Phillies Promotional and Giveaway Ideas

Posted By: Stephen Gallo

courtesy phillies.com 

We all enjoy going to Phillies games. That's apparent now more than ever, when you take a look at our 130+ consecutive sellouts. Going to the ballpark is always a great time, and sometimes we get a little something extra when we go thanks to promotions and giveaways. Whether it's something fun like "Irish Heritage Night" or a free bobble head, we all love getting something for nothing.

Since the Phillies don't play today, this is the perfect time to take a look back at some failed Phillies promotional items, from seasons past and present:

– Brett Myers action figure day, brought to you by McFarlane toys – with kung-fu grip action!

– “Build a Bear Workshop” presents the Phillie Phanatic’s furry birthday celebration. Fans 18 and older can wear their favorite animal costume and celebrate our mascot’s birthday on field with other fans prior to the game!

– Reynold's Wrap presents Darren Daulton tin foil hat day

– Kristen Lee poncho giveaway night. You'll be able to protect yourself from Yankee fan spit just like Cliff's wife!

– Von Hayes bobble head night. Simply donate five of your favorite bobble heads to us and we’ll give you a Von Hayes one free of charge!

– Roy Halladay work-out DVD. Unfortunately, the camera man filming Roy’s workout for this promotion passed away from over exhaustion. RIP, Stan. 

– Mick Billmeyer binocular day. All fans sitting in the outfield sections will be given a brand new pair of Nikon binoculars!

– Citizens Bank presents “Pride of the Phillies” poster print featuring the Phillies right handed power hitter. Player TBD.

– “Balding Awareness Night” – You may not know, but Chris Wheeler wears a toupee to cover significant hair loss. We want to let Chris know that he is not alone in the fight against baldness. All bald men attending this game will receive a coupon for 20% off any hat at the Majestic Clubhouse store.

– Turn back the clock night at Citizens Bank Park – For one night only, you can relive your days at Veterans Stadium. All fans are welcome to urine in the bathroom sinks, start a fight in the 700 level, and even take home a pet rat if they so choose!

– JD Drew battery night brought to you by the good people at Energizer!

– Merrill Lynch presents Lenny Dykstra financial consulting night. Lenny will be located behind section 122 and answering all of your financial questions. 

What ideas have you had for a Phillies promotion or giveaway?

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